Greetings and welcome to the Freedom Baptist Church website. Thank you for visiting. We are a local independent Baptist church located in Athens, Tennessee. We sing the ol’ time hymns and preach and study from the 1611 King James Bibles. Some say the world has passed us by…they will find out differently soon.

If you are traveling, stop by and see us. If you live locally and do not have a home church, pay us a visit. We may or may not be the church you are looking for. The messages preached still mention hell, sin, death, judgment, and the soon coming of our Lord. Some will not listen to this kind of preaching and teaching.

At Freedom Baptist, we do not create a campmeeting atmosphere at every service. We worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth. We move as directed by him. We are not prophets of Baal. God does not have a hearing disorder. He can understand English well, and this is the language we use to communicate with him.

God bless…Pastor Roy Hogan